Gary McKinnon, a man with Asperger's Syndrome, while looking for evidence of UFOs and free energy discovered that a large number of NASA and Pentagon computers had no passwords or firewalls set up. He left lots of notes telling them that their security was deeply flawed... The Pentagon's answer to this was to demand his extradition to face 60 years in prison!!!

Gary McKinnon is not guilty of serious offences despite what the Home Office takes great delight in reiterating.

During an extended police interview without the benefit of a lawyer or an appropriate adult being present the only thing this vulnerable man admitted to was illegal access, that is 'just looking'

Illegal access is not an extraditable offense - it carried only a six month sentence in the UK. According to Microsoft, technically he did not even hack as there were no passwords and no firewalls. He even left many notes telling them that their security was 'crap'. The Hi Tech Crime Unit also said:

"we have been monitoring your computer for some months and as you have done nothing that could cause damage, you're looking at six months community service".

Despite this, the US authorities were desperate to make an example of this man and wanted to extradite him. To be able to extradite there has to be a minimum of $5000 of damage, so the US claimed that Gary McKinnon had caused the magic $5000 worth of damage on each system he accessed including six university computers each of which later publicly denied any damage had been done. Undeterred the US issued a superseding indictment without the contradicting universities. Had the US tried to extradite Gary at that time, they would have had to prove the alleged damage in a UK court of law which, of course, they could not do. Evidence given to the Crown Prosecution Service was dismissed by the CPS as hearsay and inadmissible and unable to be adduced. But instead, America waited over three years until the UK started using the one-sided unbalanced extradition treaty which meant they did not have to provide a scrap of evidence to justify their claims. Under the 2003 extradition treaty the US does not need to provide any evidence to extradite a UK citizen... merely a suspicion. Whereas the UK does have to provide proper contestable evidence to extradite a US citizen because the US protects its own citizens unlike the UK government who gave away our right to a fair trial by a jury of our peers, and our right to be innocent until proven guilty , this they did in secret without parliamentary debate and without any apparent compulsion, deliberately avoiding the democratic process by using 'the queens prerogative' an arcane power of the monarch which Jack Straw had previously denounced in 1994 as:

"having no place in a modern democratic society"

and at the same time the Labour Party itself decried the 'Royal Prerogative':

"It is where power is exercised by government under cover of royal prerogative that our concerns are greatest... Here massive power is exercised by executive decree without accountability to Parliament and sometimes even without its knowledge"

despite the labour party's professed concerns they went on to do just that very thing: They themselves used the Queen's Prerogative to sign away our rights without parliament's knowledge.

Gary McKinnon was not in America he was here in the UK. He was no more in America than if he called them long distance. Cyberspace has no more legal existence than does Never-never land. Gary McKinnon did not cause any damage. If he was such a danger to US systems as they would have us believe, would they have left him with unrestricted internet access for over three years after his arrest in March 2002?