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The JOINT COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS, a cross party committe of MPs and Peers, have reccommended an URGENT renegotiation of the 2003 EXTRADITION TREATY, the re-introduction of Prima Face evidence and the application of proper forum.

full conclusions and reccommendations here - newspaper coverage below


Janis Sharp asked about the impact of the Joint Committee on Human Rights report by Eamonn Holmes on SKY NEWS


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Gary McKinnon needs your help

Now more than ever. This is a critical time.
Even though Gary McKinnon was discussed in the White House and in Downing Street, and even though The US President has said America will respect a UK decision, until we hear otherwise we need to show the Government and the home office the strength of feeling that Gary should be kept in the UK. Not just serve a sentence in the UK - If Gary has to face a trial it should be a UK trial under UK law where actual evidence is required. However much they like to dramatise it, what he did was to tap on a keyboard in his bedroom, in Crouch End, looking for UFOs and found a total lack of passwords or firewalls. Professor Peter Sommer a forensic computer expert says the alleged financial damage was for security/firewalls which should have been installed in the first place. It is not over and unless we show that Gary has as much support as possible politicians may well like to sweep it under the carpet.

Download, print and send a postcard to the Home Office


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