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" I am writing to express my deep concern about the case of Gary McKinnon, who currently faces the possibility of extraditiion to the united states to stand trial on computer hacking charges. I know that already more than 100 MPs and peers have urged you to act on this matter and that many others, such as Terry Waite, Boris Johnson and Lord Carlile, have also made appeals to you to intervene on his behalf. My understanding of your role is that it is , amoungst other things, to protect the citizens of this country, particularly the most vulnerable ones. Surely this must mean that you stand up for Gary McKinnon, who has already made it clear that he is prepared to plead guilty to the offences in this country, rather than submitting to a demand from the united states, particularly in the light of all we now know about their treatment of prisoners accused of anything resembling a political offence?
I very much hope that you will make it clear, either now or at the end of the legal proceedings currently underway, that Gary McKinnon will not become yet another victim of the American criminal justice system because this country did not have the courage to stand up to bullying demands."