Simon Baron-Cohens report
Letter to Obama

Former Lord Chancellor Secretary of State for Justice,

The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke QC MP

Declares the Extradition Treaty a Mistake

At the Conservative Party Conference 2011, Mr Clarke was asked about Britain’s extradition treaty with America which has been one-sided. He said: “The extradition treaty was a mistake.

“It was a mistake for us to ratify the extradition treaty when the Americans had not. It was meant to be a mutual treaty.

“The British Parliament ratified it and the American congress wouldn’t. It has never been ratified. It is plainly wrong that we have more difficulty getting Americans extradited here than they have extraditing people to the United States of America.” - telegraph

Lord Chancellor Secretary of State for Justice,

The Right Honourable Chris Grayling MP

"People are right to be extremely concerned
about our extradition arrangements."

"This is a case where there is a clear argument for it to be tried in this country, and our system should take health issues into account before considering deportation. I hope lessons will be learned."

As Shadow Home Secretary he called for a review of extradition laws with
the US, stating "I believe such a review is vital to maintain the integrity of our
extradition system," and, about the law, "We were told that it was a move to address
the international security situation after the horrendous incidents of 2001," before
concluding, "The people actually being extradited are not actually the people we
were told, in the first place, it was designed for."