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President Barack Obama said in London June 2011 about the Gary McKinnon case: "Its in the hands of the British legal system. we await resolution and will be respectful of that process" The Home Affairs Select Committee said the extradition treaty requires immediate renegotiation, the Joint Committee on Human Rights said the Extradition Treaty requires immediate renegotiation, the House of Commons voted unanimously for the Extradition treaty to be renegotiated, yet a Home Office advisor, the same Home Office advisor who advised Alan Johnson wants Gary to be Extradited because he says ‘not to Extradite will set a Precedent’.
The case was described in court by Hugo Keith QC for the Home Office as ‘this rather vexed and Totemic case’ with important implications for British Extradition laws.... (Meaning refusing to Extradite could set a precedent and affect the extradition Treaty)
However for the Home Office  advisor To say that refusing to Extradite in Gary’s case would set a Precedent is a huge red herring when reviewing the cases below.

1) - The Extradition to America of American born Mrs Beatrice Tollman was refused by Britain in 2006 because Mrs Tollman developed depression. Mrs. Tollman had no history of mental health issues and her medical evidence was unchallenged.

(A Friend of Mrs Thatcher)

2) - The Extradition to America of American born Mr Stanley Tollman was refused by Britain in 2007 and he was allowed to plead guilty via video link and was given one days suspended sentence.  

(A Friend of Mrs Thatcher)

3) - The Extradition of accused bomber/ IRA terrorist Roisin McalasKey was refused by Britain in 2006.

(A Friend of Gerry Adams)

4) - American/ Irish Convicted Paedophile Shawn Sullivan who is a fugitive from America and is officially listed as one of the “Most Wanted” criminals by America had his Extradition refused by Britain in 2012.

(Married to MOJ Policy Manager)

5) - Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York who’s trial is underway in-absentia in Turkey, had her Extradition refused by Britain. 

(A Member of the Royal Family)

None of the above can be tried in Britain for their alleged crimes, whereas my son Gary could be.

6) - Hacker Ryan Cleary was allegedly part of an International Hacking group, and Ryan Cleary has admitted hacking into the Pentagon, Nasa and the U.S air force.

(Ryan Cleary is being tried in the U.K)  His trial is underway in 2012.  


Mark Lever, Chief Exec of National Autistic  Society told Welwyn & Hatfield Times that he  agreed with Gary McKinnon ’s refusal to undergo test.

He said:

“Asperger syndrome is a complex condition and it would be impossible for anyone without specialised training to fully understand its impact.
If Gary is forced to undergo an assessment that doesn’t take account of his needs and he is consequently extradited, it could have very serious and potentially tragic ramifications.”
He added: “This situation has dragged on for over 10 years – and the stress of this in itself will undoubtedly have had a negative impact on Gary’s mental health.
“The Home Secretary must urgently take the necessary steps to recognise Gary’s needs.”

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