Text GARY to 65000

Time is running out for Gary McKinnon as he nears the end of legal challenges in the UK courts.

The text petition, spearheaded by Janis Sharp, Gary's mum, and key supporters, urges voters to text the word Gary to 65000, by way of demonstrating their support. (standard rates apply) Evidence of petitioner numbers will be sent on a regular basis to the Home Secretary, as well as to the Conservative & Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretaries in this, an election year.

The ambition is two-fold, first to give voters an opportunity to directly manifest their frustration at a lack of protection for vulnerable UK citizens such as Gary, and second to encourage the main political parties to reform our imbalanced extradition arrangements as part of their manifesto pledges.

Any British Citizen can be Extradited to America without any evidence being presented on a mere suspicion.


Text GARY to 65000

Meanwhile via a Facebook and Twitter campaign, Janis is asking Gary's supporters to download the song "Chicago" recorded last year, with and for, Gary, by international musicians David Gilmour, Bob Geldof and Chrissie Hynde.

The song Chicago is available to download on

ITunes , Amazon and HMV priced from 69p - 99p at time of writing. IF we can make it chart then they can't ignore us

Janis said:

"The support and compassion shown by members of the public has been a tremendous boost during our 8 year fight to ensure Gary faces justice in the UK.

"I hope this text campaign helps stir the Government from its stupor of inactivity which is simply fuelling the public’s sense of outrage at the unnecessary cruelty of the situation.

"Gordon Brown wrung his hands over the execution of a mentally ill British drugs carrier in China. Yet he and his government remain complicit in the US authorities’ hounding of my vulnerable son, despite knowing that, for Gary, extradition amounts to nothing less than a death sentence, given his growing mental instability.

"Why can't the UK just ask our supposedly strongest ally, President Obama, to show clemency towards Gary by cancelling the extradition request and allowing a UK prosecution?

"Sending a text takes seconds. Intervening takes moments. Gary has lived in anguish for years.

"As for the music campaign, I hope President Obama will listen to the reworded version of "Chicago" which is a direct plea to him. If he personally learns of Gary's plight perhaps he may show compassion of his own accord, and allow my son to be tried in Britain."

Last month, Gary's legal team filed an application for judicial review of the Home Secretary's most recent decision not to halt extradition despite overwhelmingly compelling evidence of Gary's mental deterioration, and expert warnings of the onset of psychosis and probable suicide that his extradition would trigger. The courts are still considering this Judicial Review application.


The Campaign to halt Gary's extradition has been supported by a growing number of people as well as organisations such as the National Autistic Society and Liberty.

There is regular support for Gary on Twitter and multiple Facebook groups and web forums. Online polls consistently show that the public do not believe he should be extradited.

He is also backed by a wide number of cross-party politicians:

David Cameron MP, Nick Clegg MP, Chris Grayling MP, Chris Huhne MP, James Brokenshire MP, David Burrowes MP, Mayor Boris Johnson, Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP, Keith Vaz MP, Charles Kennedy MP, Sir Menzies Campbell MP, Kate Hoey MP, David Blunkett MP, Andrew MacKinley MP, Lord Carlile QC, Vince Cable MP, Simon Hughes MP, Norman Baker MP, David Davis MP, David Davies MP, Michael Meacher MP, Tim Loughton MP, Peter Kilfoyle MP, Lord Morris of Manchester, Lord Clement-Jones of Clapham, Alan Simpson MP, Tom Watson MP, among others

and other high profile individuals:

Sarah Brown, Trudie Styler, Sting, David Gilmour, Julie Christie, Peter Gabriel, Keith Duffey, Emma Nobel, Terry Waite CBE, Tony Benn, Nick Hornby, Barry Norman, Jilly Cooper, Trevor Baylis, Dr Dawn Heather, Professor Baron-Cohen, Nadine Stavonina, Peter Howson, Dr. Liz Nelson OBE, Richard Madeley, Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and Duncan Bannatyne.