Janis Sharp is a 1st class songwriter and one of her compositions 'Lunar Girl' inspired her to write the music driven drama of the same name. Although Janis intended only to write the script and the score for the film, she decided to embrace the challenge of directing 'Lunar Girl' when asked to take on the role. She previously had some experience both behind and in front of the camera but this was her directorial debut.
Her main concern was being able to find the right actors for the three key roles but in the first three days of the London held auditions she found 'Jackie' - played by the inspirational Basienka Blake and 'Jake' - played by the gentle, humorous Peter Gallagher, two excellent actors from London, and 16 year old Charli Wilson from Edinburgh, who had all the innocence and dreamlike quality required to play Bebette.


Janis is from Glasgow and grew up surrounded by poverty, but instead of wishing to portray only bleakness, without reflecting the humour and dreams of those around her, she yearned to make music driven films for children, both young and old, and to inspire them with the knowledge that life is a journey to be lived and treasured for as long as it lasts.....and then some.



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